How to Set Up a Hyperlink Presentation in PowerPoint

How to video on using the PowerPoint Hyperlink and Slide Show features to build a drill down sales and marketing presentation map using our downloadable, editable PowerPoint clip art maps.

Customers often ask if they can set up a map presentation where it starts with an overall view of the US and then by clicking on the map the presentation jumps to a regional or state or maybe a county map.

This is called a drill down map, you are drilling down into greater and greater detail. This video shows you how to do this with our editable clipart maps and the Hyperlink feature of PowerPoint.

For this example we used one of our editable USA color PowerPoint maps and a detailed Florida state map and a New York detailed county map.

1. Set up a USA or World map on slide 1, set up larger individual states or country maps on additional slides, one state per slide.

2. Select the individual state on the national USA map with your pointer.

3. Choose the HYPERLINK option in the Formatting Pallet.

4. Select the kind of action you would like to have happen. Sometimes it is just jumping ahead, sometimes to a web site, in our case jumping to a specific slide.

5. Choose the slide that you would like the presentation to jump to. Click OK.

6. Hyperlinks only work in the Slide Show mode. The Slide Show tools are located in the lower left corner of the PowerPoint screen and also in a pull down menu from the top.

There is also a nice selection of Slide Show Action Buttons that you can add to your slides to help with the internal navigation of your presentation. These are located in the Slide Show pull down menu up at the top of your screen.

This guide works with PowerPoint version 2003 and older. All of the principals will work with version 2007 but the locations of the tools will differ. Most of the tools have been moved up to the top of the screen into the Ribbon.
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